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Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is manifested through a set of objectives that define the fundamental spirit and philosophy with which we conduct ourselves and formulate our relationship with our clients. While working in close partnership with strategic partners, Blue Ocean Shipping strives to design, build, implement and support innovative, cost-effective transport solutions, in order to meet its clients evolving needs.

Blue Ocean’s continued success is a result of its efforts in consolidating long-term relation with existing principals and potential clients. In order to build a solid and reliable relationship, we focus our activities on providing logistics transport solutions of the highest quality that are both cost effective and competitive to those who have selected us to handle their unique transport needs.

Our capabilities, our team of professional executives and managers, and our commitment to provision of quality services is our solid platform for growth. Because of our philosophical success, we generate a steady profit margin. Our surplus funds are appropriated largely to acquiring new technologies and promoting professional advancement of our employees and consultants.

Our corporate mission is to become the number one choice for customers who are in the process of selecting a forwarding or ship’s agent to meet their transportation needs. We therefore recognize the equal importance of our customers, employees and independent contractors, in the process of building a prosperous company.

 Our philosophy is our driving force and

 Our Services epitomizes responsiveness, reliability, and courtesy.

 Our Quality of services is never compromised.
 Our Devotion to punctuality ensures timely arrival of consignments.
 Our Commitment to innovation enhances our leading edge technology.
 Our Partnership maximizes our access to information and resources.


Blue Ocean strives to improve its services by adhering to effective resource and time management techniques. Team work spirit and a cooperative culture among all ranks of employees; enable us to provide top quality services to our international principals and clients.

 To achieve our mission, we strive to fulfill the following objectives: 

•To improve services in a cost effective manner and to meet customers' expectations.

•To perform sea carriage and deliver consignments to clients, in a timely manner.

•To improve discharge and loading of cargo from, and into vessels in a manner unsurpassed by our competitors.

•To perform port and cargo operations under safe and sound conditions.

•To monitor and safeguard employees' health and safety issues at any cost.

Our Values are 

To be driven with a passion to win,
To win only as a team,
To be or to promote innovators,
To do what we say and to strive to achieve,
To promote and to value open communication with constructive contentions,
To promote operations speed and agility, as a component of  “Success”,
To work competitively with sensitivity to lifestyle priorities.

 Our core belief is that

Our employees are our most important asset, and our clients are our driving force. Caring for our most important asset, and sharing our common values with our clients, enhances our competitive advantage.

 Business Strategy

Provision of a premium service to our customer-base through utilization of appropriate transport means, state-of-the-art technology, and engagement of our team of professionals who have no desire but to please our customers, is our business strategy.

Tehran Office

Blue Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd.

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Shahid Beheshti,

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Shipping agency offices

Shipping agency offices

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Amir Abad Office      +9821 8875 0592

Nowshahr Office       +9821 8875 8248

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Anzali grain terminal

 Anzali grain terminal    

  Commercial Jetty No.9,

 Anzali Free Trade and Industrial Zone,

 Port of Anzali, Gilan Province