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The 3rd National Conference on Port Safety

Third National Conference on Safety in Ports"

IRIB Int'l Conference Center

Tehran - February 2007



The "Third National Conference on Safety in Ports" was another major step towards the establishment of ultimate safety standard and HSE management system in National Iranian Ports. The event took place on 13-14 February 2007 and was hosted by PSO Iran with participants from major International Shipping and Maritime Organizations such as IMO and ILO. The event was sponsored by participants from the Shipping Industry such as IRISL, Tide Water and Blue Ocean Shipping, Iran. 

In line with Iran's National Development Program, the expansion process for the Iranian Ports coincided with the augmentations of Privatization Plan, and the conference sought to establish proper Health, Safety and Environment ( HSE ) management system in all national ports and maritime units, with special attention to: 


  •  Creation of a coherent interaction between scientific and technical sectors of the maritime industry, in order to promote safety standards in ports.
  • Establishment of a technical forum for the exchange of views and ideas among maritime experts and engineers, in the field of maritime and port safety.
  • Revision of world's latest achievements in port safety and HSE management systems.
  • Provision of suitable venues for companies and individual experts to present and share their capabilities and experiments in port and maritime safety systems.








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