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Blue Ocean (shipping and marine services) was establishes in1989, as part of an international freight forwarding and carrier group of companies. The main objective of the group has been the development of a network of interrelated independently managed international transport entities, to foster transport services to international traders, carriers and chartering houses.Blue Ocean Shipping, A Bimco owner member specializes in deep-sea transportation, ships’ management, chartering and agency servicesTo achieve long-term objectives, BOS has adopted long term strategies that are unique and subservient to the needs of its international clients. Since 1994, Blue Ocean Shipping has become a leading force in construction of private port facilities in Iranian Caspian Sea Ports.A group of directors assisted by professional managers, supported by a network of reliable agents and associated companies each with many years of domestic and overseas experience in the transport industry, Trade & Commerce, International Maritime Law, Finance & Banking, Naval Architecture, …. , have put together a reliable combined multimodal transport network which is unique and crucial to clients, with special logistics needs in the region

Tehran Office

Blue Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd.

No 16 - Fifth Avenue,

Shahid Saboonchi,

Shahid Beheshti,

Tehran, 1533684753   


 Tel:   +9821   8875 5356   -  8874 4051

Fax:  +9821   8874 8223   -  8874 3364


Shipping agency offices

Shipping agency offices

Anzali office             +9821 8875 5356

Amir Abad Office      +9821 8875 0592

Nowshahr Office       +9821 8875 8248

Bandar Bushehr Office  +9821 8873 5514

Bandar Asaluye Office  +9821 8854 3230

Bandar Abbas Office    +9821 8874 8224

B.I.K  Office               +9821 8875 6606


Mailbox: 43145-1147

Anzali grain terminal

 Anzali grain terminal    

  Commercial Jetty No.9,

 Anzali Free Trade and Industrial Zone,

 Port of Anzali, Gilan Province