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Lat 27° 30’ N, Long 52° 31’ E

Admiralty Chart: —                                                                                             Admiralty Pilot: —

Time Zone: GMT + 3.5 h                                                                                     UNCTAD Locode: —

Principal Facilities:












 Authority: The port is managed by two separate authorities: A) Pars Especial Economic Zone (Owners) who are responsible for general operations of the port. B) Port and Shipping Organization of Iran, responsible for international matters and the navigational safety and of vessels and crew. Port dues are charged as per official tariffs for respected tasks.

Documentation: According to FAL Convention:

5 copies of the General Declaration

4 copies of the Cargo Declaration

4 copies of the Ship's Stores Declaration

2 copies of the Crew's Effects Declaration

4 copies of the Crew List

4 copies of the Passenger List

1 copy of the Maritime Declaration of Health

Approach: The port area is protected by stretches of breakwaters, and there is no whether restricted issues widely known for offloading of cargo.


Pilotage: Compulsory.

Radio Frequency Information:

Weather: Local wind force critically has a high speed (150 miles/per hour) from 23rd, October to 6th November, approximately.

Accommodation: In the first phase of Port development, there is about 160 meters of usable stretch for berthing of all kinds of oceangoing vessels. The port area is protected by stretches of breakwaters, and there is no whether restricted issues widely known for offloading of cargo.

Specification of the Jetties 

 Draft:  10-13 m

Length:  2km

Storage: All cargo has to be taken on direct delivery basis as there are no storage yards / warehouses available at the port.

Cranes: Heavy lift shipments could be handled by RO-RO or LO/LO system. Geared vessel or RO/RO is recommended as there is no reliable shore equipment available at the port, presently.

Discharge Rate: discharge of 300 m/t per day per hold/hook for general and project cargo is easily attainable.

Provisions: Not available

Fresh Water: Not available

Tanker Terminals: Not Available

Bunkers: Not Available

Towage: Available

Principal Imports: Machinery, equipment

Principal Exports: Petrochemical products

Medical Facilities: Available

Airport: Within Assalouyeh area

Working Hours: Sat-Wed 24 h/day. Thu-Fri 0700—2100 (overtime applicable).

Tehran Office

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Shipping agency offices

Shipping agency offices

Anzali office             +9821 8875 5356

Amir Abad Office      +9821 8875 0592

Nowshahr Office       +9821 8875 8248

Bandar Bushehr Office  +9821 8873 5514

Bandar Asaluye Office  +9821 8854 3230

Bandar Abbas Office    +9821 8874 8224

B.I.K  Office               +9821 8875 6606


Mailbox: 43145-1147

Anzali grain terminal

 Anzali grain terminal    

  Commercial Jetty No.9,

 Anzali Free Trade and Industrial Zone,

 Port of Anzali, Gilan Province